Animal instinct

March 9, 2008

Animal instinct

I know this post will make my partner in crime – Vyktor – raise her eyebrows in bewilderment, but, hey, I’m posh and I don’t care. 

The idea came to my mind when Vyktor herself noticed my pink outfit a couple of days ago: she immediately screamed something like “You b***h, you look like any common plain and banal girl who picked up the wrong outfit waking up this morning”. Well, she used much much worse words, because she’s been apologizing for 48 hours so far (she thinks I get easily angry and I’ll let her believe that for a while).


Other people I met that day didn’t dare, like Vyktor, but they said things like “Oooh… poofy”, which now I understand it probably means “You b***h” etc.


So… this post is in defence of those who love oddity, animals… feathers and aren’t afraid of wearing them, risking to look like odd, fat birds. I do and I’m posh proud to.