Days of being Gold

November 28, 2009

Dear nostalgic of (or allergic to) the seventies,

After my last post which exuded hate and anger, I truly needed something shallow and funny. “You should be dancing” told me Cayden. Happily he didn’t try to sing like one of the Bee Gees. But he was totally right! Music and dance are the best way to forget everyday problems, have fun, meet people, burn calories and wear our best “party dresses”!

I listened to this Grandadbob song which always makes me dance in front of my mirror, then I decided to go back to the seventies.

Why the seventies? Because this era is (in Europe and in the USA) the symbol of amazing parties, freedom, and expression of identities. Of course this was an illusion, nothing was so simple and minorities were still fighting for their rights. But at least, in the music, in the spotlights, and on the dance floors, there was the possibility of being united for celebration, for dance, for bodies’ pleasure!

Don’t ask me why, when I think 70’s I hear Disco, when I hear Disco I see gold! Let’s go to the golden age of Disco then! I put on my old golden dress from Nylon Outfitters which is totally vintage now, and simply added a jacket and some accessories (like this antique headress from Chapeau très Mignon which brings a 20’s side to my 70’s ). Don’t say I was too lazy to elaborate a more complex outfit: I just needed to party as soon as possible!  Of course I ended my outfit with golden shoes but as I’m often unable to make choices I decided to take three different pairs of them and to alternate every three hours (or at each bottle of champagne)…

Cayden joined the party and created the perfect outfit to match mine. He even accepted to grant my request: as I remembered the “nigger” insult I had to tolerate (yes my last post again!) I decided to wear the best Afro haircut I could find in my inventory, and asked him to do the same. I’m not into racial classification. I never define a person with her/his skin colour, but for once it was quite funny to play with the cliché of the “Afro from the 70’s”. Dressed and combed this way, we could have been the heroes from a Blaxploitation movie. I’d have been the new Pam Grier, and he, the new Shaft!

It’s true we were not totally Abba’s Dancing Queens but I can say we were looking like real Disco Queens… Oups, I mean Disco Twins!


– Tintable Afro hair by MAU’s & MEJ’s

– Fiona glow skin (lemon) by Free Speerit

– Gold party dress by Nylon Outfitters

– Black fur-coat by Aoharu

– Medium black gloves by Tête à Pied

– Solid tintable lycra tights (dark tone) by Viva La Glam

– Cameo Brooch by Chapeau Très Mignon

– 1920’s antique headdress by Chapeau Très Mignon

– Copper paillette clutch by Tête à Pied


Ribbon slingback shoes by G Field, or Vintage gold high heels by Kitties Lair, or Crystal pump in gold by Magnifico

– Afro Dite hair by MAU’s & MEJ’s

– Orange stripe shirt by Aoharu

– Black Tokyo coat by SG Fashion

– Gold monocrom pants by Sweetest Good-bye

– Black gloves with brilliant gold by CheerNo

– La chucks by Naith Smith design




Cayden’s poses: Outrider male stand 9 by Outrider Animations (1st pic), Youniverse 18 and Brohemian 5 by Burning Envy by [ICD] (now closed but some articles are still available on SLEX (third and 4th pics), Mens Fashion 04 from the Mens Fashion set 1 by Reel Expression (7th pic).

My poses: Pussicat dance by ANOmations (1st & 4th pics), Swoon by Sine Wave (2nd pic), Spice-Fuck Yeah by Long Awkward Pose (5th pic), Shoes 03, 05 et 08 by Reel Expression (6th pic).


5 Responses to “Days of being Gold”

  1. Just shake it, Dancing Queen! ;)

  2. Yay! gotta love Disco and gold, or there’s something wrong with you! I’m so glad I got to see this in world!

  3. the last post exhuded hate and anger? I have not seen any nasty comments, must have been inworld then…Why in heavens and hells name cann`t people live with other peoples diffrent oppinions and why is everyone so un-ironical? Anyhow, yay for Gold and Black and I LOVE Nylon´s creations! <3

  4. >Cayce, darling, let’s shake it together in world soon!:)

    >>You’re right Chance: Disco and gold are as inseparable as diamonds and Marilyn ;)

    >>>Sevenstar; I totally agree with you, and I say “YES” to “luv connections” (you’ll understand…) :)

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