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December 1, 2009

Dear « ready to change your mind » readers,

As we’re used to say in French “Il n’y a que les imbéciles qui ne changent pas d’avis” (“only fools never change their minds”) and as I work hard not to be as foolish as I could be, I eventually decided to slip into a LeLutka skin, and even a non-black one.

When I was SL born, I immediately fell in love with Minnu Palen’s work and I think I have around fifty skins under the former Minnu brand in my inventory. For me they had “that” something, a peculiar “je ne sais quoi”! They were sexy, different; they were what I wanted to SL look like.  Moreover Minnu was one of the first “blockbuster” brands to work on specific dark skins (which means she worked on different faces instead of simply decline the same face in different lights and tons). Of course I had lots of other designers’ skins as well, and even good ones, but at this point of my virtual life, I could not wear them without feeling the guilt of an adulterous relationship: my addiction to Minnu was supposed to last forever or at least until I SL die. And this happened: I SL died!… for some months… and came back!

Things had changed: no more Minnu, no more Cachet: Time for LeLutka. And guess what: I suddenly was tired to see the same famous skins on every SL beings’ faces, in so many blogposts, more often in underwears and spread legs if possible… I was done with Minnu and LeLutka! I was a virtual skeleton free to wrap its bones with the brand it wanted! Freedom for SL skeleton Yeah!

This was a great time of discovery: I realized I could be unfaithful to my Minnu skins and flirt with other brands, and even have true love affairs with them… I was so thrilled to see myself in so many different ways in so many different skins, that I even snubbed the Eclat-Jade, despite I always desperately look for beautiful black or dark skins…

This could have continued for a very long time. But some days ago, LeLutka released Estelle, the new born of the Eclat line… And if you remember the first lines of this post, you’ll understand that after so many time of “désamour”, I could not resist: this skin is such a “must wear” that I bought it without thinking. What a pleasure to look in the mirror and recognize Minnu’s work, even more enhanced. I immediately felt comfortable, as if I had put on a new-edition of a vintage Chanel dress… And I get dressed with a cute and comfy outfit, to fit the state of mind my new skin had aroused.Yes, listening to my favourite song of Elysian fields, it was obvious : I really have Minnu under my skin…

– Estelle skin (suntan, makeup 6) by LeLutka

– Oh my ramen (brown) hair by [OH]

– Dietrich white shirt by (former) Cachet

– Beige tweed jacket by Fishy Strawberry

– Beige linen stole muffler by Creamshop

– Short leather gloves (turquoise) by Tête à Pied

– Beige tight skirt & belt by Niniko

– Basic sheer leggings (marine) by !Ohmai

– Jane Flor socks (pear) by MIEL

– Mishima Dawn shoes (leather tan) by Maitreya

– Enamel Boston bag (white) by :SEY

Poses: Pose17 (Ph) by *SLC* (1st & 4th pics), Luth movement 7 + handbag dress 3B by Reel Expression (2nd pic), Rosca2 sit2 by Cova AO (3rd pic), SD-Lazy Daisy by Long Awkward Poses (5th pic)


8 Responses to “Back to LeLutka”

  1. what a wonderful post! and I love how EVERY color in the pics match, furniture, walls and outfit! GREAT!

  2. Arima said

    really touching

  3. Mellyn Llewellyn said

    Lovely pics. Do you know where the furniture comes from, especially the blue couch?

  4. Thanks for your comments!
    Chance, are you becoming a regular posh? ;)
    Mellyn, this couch is miiiiine and will stay in my precious skybox! But as I perfectly understand people can wish they had the same,and because Isolahara Catteneo is a great designer everybody should know,I’ll be nice… for once :) This is the “mudshake-happy patchwork couch” in teal blues (for only 185L). You just have to type “mudshake” in your search window, or to search Isolahara’s profile and you’ll get the tp to this wonderful sim.

  5. Mellyn Llewellyn said

    Thanks so much!

  6. Sevenstar said

    I never baught a Minnu skin and I donnt have Le Lutka….I might go and try on one now. what I am also interessted in is where you took those pictures?

  7. You’re welcome Mellyn…
    And Seven the first and second pics are taken at Drowsy, and the three others at my flat ;)

  8. Love your pics…great style and fab skybox!

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