Animal instinct

March 9, 2008

Animal instinct

I know this post will make my partner in crime – Vyktor – raise her eyebrows in bewilderment, but, hey, I’m posh and I don’t care. 

The idea came to my mind when Vyktor herself noticed my pink outfit a couple of days ago: she immediately screamed something like “You b***h, you look like any common plain and banal girl who picked up the wrong outfit waking up this morning”. Well, she used much much worse words, because she’s been apologizing for 48 hours so far (she thinks I get easily angry and I’ll let her believe that for a while).


Other people I met that day didn’t dare, like Vyktor, but they said things like “Oooh… poofy”, which now I understand it probably means “You b***h” etc.


So… this post is in defence of those who love oddity, animals… feathers and aren’t afraid of wearing them, risking to look like odd, fat birds. I do and I’m posh proud to.






From the left, “Struzzo” a.k.a. “Ostrich” (I like how “struzzo” sounds, I think it conveys the idea of the “odd fat bird” I’ve just wrote about). 

Cachet should be the posh brand “par excellance”, but we’re too proud to say it out loud, so we’ll always deny it.

Hair: Gillian by *TRUTH*

Earrings: Baroness by Diamonde

Dress: Aradia by Cachet (collar, shirt, skirt, pants, bracelet and gloves)

Shoes: Verve in black by Maitreya





In the middle, “Pigeon”

I hate pigeons in RL since a couple of them ate my pizza one sunny day in Milan. This is my way to exorcize this fear.

Hair: Vivian by ETD

Earrings: Claris pearl in silver by Muse (not clearly visible in the photo)

Jacket: Seagull by Baiastice

Leggings: Metallic tights by Armidi

Stockings: Tintable textured stockings by Veschi

Shoes: Slinky stilettos by Maitreya




On the right, “Bat”

This is the dress that gave birth to all this discussion. I can’t help adoring it, no matter what.

Hair: Regina by [Aden]

Dress: Stalking Dress by Big Booty Big Money

Tights: Plain tights by (Creamshop)

Shoes: Verve in black by Maitreya


3 Responses to “Animal instinct”

  1. vyktormaertens said

    Vyktor Maertens: oh god !…Darling ?!…what is that ? !
    Cayce Newell: what?
    Vyktor Maertens: this thing around your neck !
    Cayce Newell: tsk. It’s fashion
    Vyktor Maertens: well… no comment !
    Cayce Newell: you’re so late! and you don’t like my dress! tsk
    Cayce Newell: it’s so haute couture so batman
    You: i confess i think of the pink tutu : I could almost write a post about it !
    Cayce Newell: I hate you ! do it!
    Vyktor Maertens: Seriously : Who is the designer ?
    Cayce Newell: tsk. Shame on you : BBBM
    Vyktor Maertens: i won’t buy the same top, be rassured.
    Cayce Newell: the point is I dont care: I find it so… Japanese minimal.
    You: a minimal which takes all the place !
    Cayce Newell: it’s as big as my brain!
    You: it’s just too much but not in the good way, and you know i usually really like BBBM.
    Cayce Newell: nevermind… I’ll survive, I’m fashion.
    You: this is so Björk… in her worse moments
    Cayce Newell: look how cute it looks while walking.
    You: yeah, as cute as Gremlins’ ears…
    Cayce Newell: You seem well informed on this topic…
    You: don’t worry all hypocritical people will tell you you’re amazing in that dress… I’’m sure N. and B. already did
    Cayce Newell: N. said nothing, B. said it was ‘puffy’
    You: not so hypocritical then… Come on ! You don’t hesitate to tell me when i look like a granny or an afro bitch of the late seventies
    Cayce Newell: I’m not offended… Vyckie… ok ?
    You: I know you’re not…ok… Cayce.
    Cayce Newell: I have an idea of a present we could buy for Tan.
    You: maybe BBBM I’m sure she’ll love the dress ;)
    Cayce Newell: bitch! tsk
    You: yes, sometimes I am
    Cayce Newell: BBBM is no transfer I’m afraid…Good night, Vyckie, see you tomorrow…
    Vyktor Maertens: don’t hate me pleaaaase !
    Cayce Newell: don’t be late or I’ll hate you forever.
    Vyktor Maertens: good night : i’ll be there… what time btw ?
    Cayce Newell: noon
    Vyktor Maertens: okay, i’ll be there… i’m just sorry for your dress, my fault lol)
    Cayce Newell: (stop with my dress lol!!)

  2. Cayce Newell said

    This is obviously a fake, since I never put spaces before punctuation marks! And your borderline personality is alive and kicking: who’s that “You”?

  3. vyktormaertens said

    you is me darling : mix of IM and Chat… anyway, of course I modified some lines. Nobody likes truth.

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