irreverent well-bred child
shallow girl with witty thoughts
trends thief
crazy about ideas’ recycling
classy slut
free spirit beyond the bounds
gorgeous obese
skinny beauty
citizen of all worlds
unlabelled being
warrior against classifications
new clichés’ inventor
catwalks’ yawning guest
tasteful psychopath
has-been Vogue cover
blogs’ critic
clothes eater
captive of your closet
mix & match gambler
neglected model
bored stiff celebrity
etc (you can add what you want),
if you’re a fashion addict of SL world and if you’re not too uptight, then let your inner posh express her/himself and be proud: this blog is yours!
*Posh Pride* inside & out

3 Responses to “About”

  1. Triangle Caudron said

    OMG!!! I am in lub with you more Cayce!! well, and Vyktor! :DD GOOD JOB on the about page! I agreed and lub what you guys are all about!! Awesomeness 100%, Poshness 110%! <33 *mwah*

  2. I am highly impressed by your art, I would love to feature a picture on my website, with you link, and hopefully help add to your promotions which I’m sure you have a lot of. I am still stunned, impressive! Hopefully we can work together.

    I particularly enjoyed your piece called “Rock is my second World”

    Tiffany Irene

    • Hi Tiffany !

      Thank you so much for your comment…
      As you may have noticed, I’ve stooped blogging and even living my Second Life one year ago : so enjoy and use my pics if you wish without forgetting to link me because it’s fun to see this blog is still existing and read despite I’m not a SL being anymore (and for now :) )

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