2 in 1

March 29, 2008

No, no, no, I’m not refering to Cayce’s and my own brains because I’d rather call us both “7billions in 1 girls”. I’m just speaking about the outfits which came out of my mind some days ago…

I was making another sl nervous breakdown, so I just ransacked my closet, screaming, to find something funny enough to put on my perfect body when I came across this amazing flexi skirt in yellow by *KUROTSUBAKI* ! The prints half way between hippy and bohemian styles were exactly what I needed to feel better and color my soul in other tints than blue.

I immediately thought of a recent purchase I was almost sure to never wear : the top from the Zamba Safari swimsuit by *Shai*. This undershirt made of ostrich feathers added an ethnic touch to the skirt. But as it perfectly laid bare my shoulders and my back, I realized I had two options ; that’s how I came to this “2 in 1” outfit : let my shoulders naked for a relaxed but sexy style, or cover them for an original but more “all-purpose” (if I can say so) mix.


Hair : milca dark dhocolate by Zero Style

Skin : naomie gold by Redgrave

Top : undershirt from the Zambia Safari swimsuit by Shai Delacroix

Jacket : short leather jacket by Cubic effect

Skirt : flexi skirt in yellow by Kurotsubaki

Stockings : stocking D gold by :bijou:

Boots : fringe western boots by *J’s*

Earrings : horn & dangles beads chunky by !BF!

Bangle and bracelet : ethnic wood bangle tri-colour (left) by Earthtones, flat wood bracelet in red (right) by Earthtones

Ring : wood ring, double rectangular, by Earthtones

Bag : the rotunda bag cranberry by Paper Couture

Nails : fire nails by Nevermore


Hair : kiwi in black by Creamshop

Skin : naomie gold by Redgrave

Top : undershirt from the Zambia Safari swimsuit by Shai Delacroix

Skirt : flexi skirt in yellow by Kurotsubaki

Shoes : Dhali bow platforms – ivory moss- by Armidi Gisaci

Earrings : spring earrings by Paper Couture

Necklace : mae hong son neck rings by Chapeau Très Mignon

Bangle and bracelet : goldust bangles & cedar sphere bracelet by Earthtones

Bag : the gordie print bag – french feather- by Armidi Gisaci

Nails : fire nails by Nevermore


Make it “Rain”

March 28, 2008

Rain OK


Yesterday I was trapped into a flow of stale transactions: that’s to say “no shopping, you poor lost shopaholic”. Close to a crisis and to go naked at the Next SL Fashion Icon contest (as a judge… I’m too old for that kind of stuff! ;)), I got an IM from Triangle Caudron who was uber-excited about her brand new release, Rain. She made my day with the most awesome gift – a heaven of layers, optional skirts and accessories I’ll be playing around with for ages. 

And since she’s a model inside – I know, Triangle, stop hiding – we waited for the middle of the night to go to Tableau’s haunted house to take some photos to show off our dark side.  


On Triangle: 

Hair pin: Red rose by /artilleri/

Dress: Rain with short skirt and thigh band by GHOST!

Shoes: Dhali Bow Platforms in red by Armidi


On Cayce:

Hair: Egyptian in black by Fashionably Dead

Dress: Rain with double skirt with tail by GHOST!

Socks: Metal black by Glanz

Shoes: Verve in black and anklets by Maitreya


Shop for Triangle Caudron’s GHOST! amazing outfits at one of her stores:


@ Creators’ Pavillion (new)

@ Cherry Buttons

@ Glam World

@ Sensual Productions


Easter bunny blog


Yes, it’s a shame. But, well, I couldn’t help taking part to the massive SL egg hunt, of course. I was running up and down the Insolence shop looking for the very well hidden eggs (but I have smart friends with great tips) with Triangle Caudron and Moonaco Porta, when Triangle and I received the group gift by Deviant Kitties: a pair of supercute white bunny ears. Well detailed and a bit scary (there’s a cute little skull earring on the right ear), it was immediate love for the both of us. But it was already 4 AM in the morning for me, on this little side of the real world, so after making a brief appearance at the GossipGirl party (where I met shirtless guys not so happy to accept my fashion advice – shame on them), I went to sleep for eight long, relaxing and deserved hours. 


When I woke up this morning, between a family lunch, some chocolate eggs and always too many Easter greetings, I immediately thought: I must find a way to wear those ears without looking: 

– childish

– neko 

– a drunk freebie hunter

– a tasteless Easter fan. 


That’s what I came up with: a monochrome Easter bunny outfit that you can wear without feeling silly. If you’re in the right timezone you still have time to rock your Easter outfit… but if it’s too late, well, next year think twice before going out like that.


Ears: Punkish bunny ears Easter freebie by Deviant Kitties

Hair: Cate in silver by >FD

Earrings: True love earrings by Untone

Coat: Mod peacock in white by G.L.A.M.

Gloves: Aradia gloves by Cachet

Tights: Plain tights in black by (Creamshop)

Shoes: Bloom boots in white by Maitreya





Today, while I was laying on my couch reading and sipping a hot cup of Nespresso – what else? – I suddenly realized I’ve been wearing tees and jeans for the whole week. Despite I could have looked like the avarage next door girl, I didn’t: otherwise, I wouldn’t be here writing for *PoshPride*, right? 


Here’s my favourite outfit of the week, created starting with one of the cool t-shirts by Jumbie. It reminded me of the cool design tees you can find in those dark indie shops and that I absolutely adore. With details in brown, orange and various shades of gray, I chose to mix it with gray and orange items. First of all, the brand new Armidi Limited pants, with nice writings on the legs and loose flares. Then, I took a tour of Muism looking for a nice gray scarf, perfectly matching the whole mix and useful to complete the polo-neck tee (scarves are my RL Linus’ blanket). Last but not least, the amazing Opinelle shoes by Schmooz Shoes, unbelievably in the shade of colour I was looking for. 


So… what about a neighbour like me? ;-) 



Hair: Xaria in Ebony by ETD

Scarf: Wool scarf in gray by Muism

T-shirt: Bethy prays by Jumbie

Bangle: Brazil by /artilleri/

Pants: Modern pants in gray by Armidi Limited

Shoes: RedYellowEdge Opinelle with silver heel by Storm Schmooz



Trendy Granny

March 13, 2008

Dear nobody (because Fashion is all, everything, and everybody… except myself, and Cayce of course: You already understood the *Posh Pride* team IS Fashion, and not the contrary),

I don’t remember when, but I know Cayce and I wasted our precious time in a shoes’ store some days ago… I won’t write the brand of this store in this blog (you all have to make your own mistakes. We’re here to give you some tricks, not to take your hand especially after a perfect french manicure) but just know it is a short name with no “i” inside, and lot’s of good reasons to be avoided. Anyway, we were trying to keep control in front of these “enough to make you sick” shoes, accompanied by a friend of Cayce (I forgot his name), when she told me these unforgiven words in IM : “Shall I tell you he told you’re dressed like his granny? lol”… I have too much self-respect to react in a violent way… But I IMMEDIATELY knew that Cayce was expressing her own thoughts through this awful sentence pretending this was her friend’s opinion : this was just a little weak revenge after my wise judgement about her pink “dress” (as you read it in the last post)…

It doesn’t matter ! I admit I was looking like my own old grandaunt in a certain way. But when you’re as posh as I am, and proud to be, you know the spectrum of Fashion scans a wide field of trends. What you call “oldfashioned”, I call it “vintage”, and this makes all the difference between you and me, between a queen of the look, and a “try again” fellow. That’s why I decided to share some of my secrets with you, and write a post for all trendy grannies and posh young avatars who appreciate retro fashions… And the best examples of pure retro fashions in Second Life are sold in “GRANDMA!” stores : Since I’m in love with this almost unwearable brand, I created all the following outfits starting with clothes from there, then I simply enhanced them thanks to my incomparable fashion eyes… Read, look, and learn.

Here is the outfit which gave rise to Cayce’s bad comments : If all grannies dressed like this, women under thirty years should not trust their boyfriends anymore… A perfect casual outfit for your gossiping sessions with the Queen Elizabeth.

Hat :Red Pillbox Hat by Paper Couture

Hair : Symphony Twist in Midnight I by Armidi Hair

Skin : Hybrid III – Mandigo – Face 30 by Nevermore

Undershirt : undershirt from “simple onepiece” by =E.M.A=

Jacket : G-Tweed Lovely Blouson by GRANDMA!

Skirt : Ghost Are by Savvy?

Tights : Cold Street Tights by Paper Couture

Shoes : MaryGeo in gray by Shiny Things

Necklace : Knit necklace in red by Swallowtail

Nails : nails in orange by :bijou:

Looking for a retro ensemble to wear during your long sundays in your country house, waiting for your grandchildren or future grandchildren ?… This is what you need :

Hair : Edie in Dark Brown by [Aden]

Skin : Dark-Mistress by Minnu

Sweater : Ravenna Top (tomato) by Luminosity

Coat : Fur Coat – Bronze by *REDGRAVE*

Skirt : Retro-Honey by GRANDMA!

Tights : Shiny *rose* by No.9 Nylons

Shoes : Natasha Brown Boots by INSOLENCE

Earrings : Red Peacock by Microphage

Gloves : Full Finger Gloves Red by (DoMoCo)

Last but not least : the ideal vintage but fresh touch for your supermarket’s escapades before a pop bridge game with your friends (if you got some).

Hair : Sofia – Chestnut Burnt by ETD

Skin : Dark-Frost by Minnu

Dress : G-muscat-onP by GRANDMA!

Parka : Hooded Parka in Pink (without hood) by *Muism*

Tights : Yellow Tights by Paper Couture

Shoes : White-Leather Boots by *REDGRAVE*

Glasses : LadyBug (Green) by FNKY!

Earrings : Scoopie Earrings by (turnstyle)

Necklace : Party Bead-Lipskip by !Finc!

Nails : Nails Light Pink by *GRACILE*

Animal instinct

March 9, 2008

Animal instinct

I know this post will make my partner in crime – Vyktor – raise her eyebrows in bewilderment, but, hey, I’m posh and I don’t care. 

The idea came to my mind when Vyktor herself noticed my pink outfit a couple of days ago: she immediately screamed something like “You b***h, you look like any common plain and banal girl who picked up the wrong outfit waking up this morning”. Well, she used much much worse words, because she’s been apologizing for 48 hours so far (she thinks I get easily angry and I’ll let her believe that for a while).


Other people I met that day didn’t dare, like Vyktor, but they said things like “Oooh… poofy”, which now I understand it probably means “You b***h” etc.


So… this post is in defence of those who love oddity, animals… feathers and aren’t afraid of wearing them, risking to look like odd, fat birds. I do and I’m posh proud to.



Dear we don’t know exactly who,

Around ten days ago, we, your cherished fashionable mummies, attended the first EFA fusion show…SL is still SL, fashion shows are fashion shows, and designers (even great) are often the same, nothing to add about that : for trendy people attending a show is like drinking your daily cup of tea (a good earl grey from Mariages Frères if possible).

Anyway, the Posh Pride team was scandalized to note some people tried to take the lion’s share to attract attention in the crawling audience. We don’t speak about the brave models killed by lag (thanks to them we won several bets : who could have doubt indeed the gorgeous Anessa Stine would not have enough nerves to eventually reach the front of the catwalk ? tsk…). No : we speak of some sl avatars trying to shine with improbable look.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is hard to confess, but SL fashion shows are too often the places of good taste’s undermining and irresponsible rags’ showcase.

In this first posh post, you’ll learn there are things to wear and others not to even think of to attend a fashion show. Open your eyes if your brain just like ours is not well functioning.

Vyktor Maertens for *Posh Pride


I truly believe there are things that should be kept hidden, closed in a drawer, covered by old blankets in a cellar. Be it blinging freebies or Kylie Minogue’s H&M collection… or parts of the body, as well. Even during those sweet and hot slex sessions with your “hunny”, a glamorous pair of fashionable panties is much better than showing your partner (and probably your neighbours – we all know SL is a stalker paradise) your cute butt. And if your butt is not that cute, little, young and model one, a nunnery is the place for you – not a fashion show audience.

Despite my strong belief, not everybody agree with me and the EFA First Fusion has been the right time to discover it. After bumping me, a girl stood in front of me in a cowboy themed outfit, with her butt clearly visible through her pants. Of course, a tip toe pose and some bling here and there were part of the package.

The cowboy style is an “evergreen”, but you must be careful because the border between “classic”, “cliché” and “just plain bad taste” is very thin: if it’s not a Valentino’s, you’d better give up and wear something else. This girl could have looked eccentric or at least decent, but thanks to all these wrong choices, she just looked trashy and off topic.

How could you turn your not-so-brilliant idea of a cowgirl style into a good outfit not to be ashamed of? Take off your pants and move them to the trash folder of your inventory: the first rule for the *Posh Pride* team is “be drastic”. It’s worthy, trust me.

Choose a pair of jeans that highlight your skinny figure without screaming to the world “hey, I’m here, I’m hot and I’m waiting for you”. Add a pair of fancy boots: no bling, no frills, just smooth leather in a moss shade of green. Add the sexy touch of an embroidered corset and the unexpected belted skirt in a plaid texture, in green as well. Wear also matching gloves because you know cowgirls can get easily dirty, and the classic cowboy hat – the only thingthat might be kept from the original mix. Complete the look with a SL classic: not a Valentino’s, okay, but a Kyoot Army’s collar who will add the lace touch that will whisper your sensuality in every available ear.

Hat: Bout Du Monde in brown by (PixelDools)

Hair: Sury in black by [Aden]

Collar: Wilted Wednesday by Kyoot Army

Corset: The Marquise Corset by Casa Del Shai

Gloves: Coal Riding Gloves by Savvy?

Skirt: Check Charm waistcloth in khaki by (Creamshop)

Pants: Dark distressed tweed pant trousers (underpants layer) and Silver metallic embellishments (pants layer) by G.L.A.M.

Boots: Bloom in green by Maitreya

Cayce Newell for *Posh Pride*


I was trying to focus on the show while our friend Cayden was gossiping, when something just disturbed my lateral field of view… something like a sparkling pink lightning…I immediately turned my gracious face towards this light which was maybe the colored flash of an eccentric journalist’s camera, but what I saw violently froze the blood in my veins and the fake smile on my lips. This was far to be « La vie en rose » !

A weird thing (which I recognised to be a woman) standing on two legs ended by two unthinkable platform shoes was simply attending the show in a sort of huge pink tutu « enhanced » with a non-less pink tight T-shirt… I won’t talk about her ugly blonde haircut, neither about the pills Cayce had to give me so that I recover my mind. I would just say even a newbie would have avoided to disguise herself as a faded ballerina to attend a fashion show. But I’m already too nice, because this lost girl was not even thinking she was disguised : her self-satisfied expression was perfectly showing she was convinced of being in the trend. What an ignorance !

Dear readers, let me tell you something : never hesitate to be the center of attention in an event, and be sure pink is a trendy colour. But you’ll NEVER be forgiven to blunder like this.

First of all, just threw your old ballerina dress in the toilets, especially if it’s a mediocre pink relic of the eighties. You’re just allowed to keep one standard ballet skirt (white, black or cream of course) and to use it for your classical dance’s classes only.Secondly, because Fashion can create beauty even from bad taste, let’s imagine what would be a truly fashionable pink tutu outfit. Start with a long tutu in pink fluo (easy to find if you’re a real sl fashion addict), add some wild texture to bring out a rock’n roll touch to the classical tutu : black leather pants and jacket will be perfect. Then dare wear a pink sequined top to emphasize the pop rock attitude which appears, and end with some stunning accessories like dark jewels, asymetrical gloves, an astonishing skin, almost unwearable flashy boots, and of course punk hair.You’re now ready to shine in a fashion show, in your eventually not so oldfashioned pink tutu …

Hair : Lil Diva in black by Cake

Skin : Dark Skin – Tribal 3 by Minnu (no longer released)

Eyes : Natural Eyes in lilac by Dolce Blackfleg (you can find them in PixelDolls)

Eye Lashes :Thora Lashes by Minnu

Top : Loana Sequined Bodice and Skirtbase in orchid by Last Call

Jacket : Decadence Jacket in black by :::BareRose :::

Tutu : Pizzo3 in pink by Bianca Foulon

Pants : X3D Couture black leather studded heart pocket pants by Digit Darkes

Boots : Pim’s Boots fuscia by Bianca Foulon

Earrings : Fleur Black Pearl Earrings by Paper Couture

Necklace : River Stone Necklace by Paper Couture

Gloves : MAX by Cachet ( from Max outfit)

(If you’re the girl concerned by bad taste and if you read these words, sorry but you should have thought twice before going out this day.)

Vyktor Maertens for *Posh Pride*