Fashion for Revenge!

November 19, 2009

Dear « messengers of peace » readers,

Please let me open your innocent eyes to introduce this post: If you’ve always thought Second Life was a world exempt from any kind of violence and aggressiveness, a world where people would be able to communicate and share their space with no prejudice and no bad intentions, a dream world then, let me tell you that maybe your real name is Laura Ingalls Walder (from Little House on the Prairie) or that you must immediately stop taking your anti-depressants (Don’t be ashamed! French people are one of the first consumers of these pills in the world, so if we can deal with this addiction, why couldn’t you?).

Yes, Second Life just like the real one is the place where all aggressions are possible! I won’t talk here about the way our fashionable eyes can be hurt seeing an avatar who wears the proof of its terrible bad taste on its shoulders. I won’t explain how some fashion faux-pas can wound a sensitive SL soul forever. I won’t demonstrate against some designers worse than the H1N1 flu trying to contaminate our wardrobes with the ugliest clothes ever imagined. No, I just want to talk about a stupid, basic, even not original case of aggression.

Some days ago, as I was shopping (again) at Cupcake sim, a girl nicely greeted me. After a certain delay, because I was focused on my wallet and some &bean items, I greeted her back. She was accompanied by two of her friends and I eventually understood she just wanted to tell me she really liked the way my avatar looked. I don’t really know what happened next but one of her friends starting to be more and more verbally aggressive against me. Was that because I had kept speaking English when they were French just like me (It’s always hard for me to switch between languages even for my mother tongue, as we’re used to speak English in SL)? Was this because I had something bad on my nose, on my clothes, on… Whatever! The fact is she decided to insult me in a very “florid” language I really can’t translate here, and for no reason!

I love provocation, I love using coarse expressions sometimes – even in my posts!- just to loosen some inhibited minds up! But this was not provocation: just pure vulgarity and simple meanness. Anyway, thanks to this charming person (I was about to write her name in these lines, but she doesn’t deserve this attention) I’ve learned I was a cunt, a bastard, a nigger, and some other instructive details.

This aggression was so sudden that I was unable to be quick at repartee. How surprising! I’m usually quite good in this exercise, but it had made such a long time since I last had been directly mugged that I was too miffed to say something smart and cold, as I’m used to. My fingers were shaking on my keyboard, my real heart was wildly beating in my chest. The only words I could eventually answer were: “You’re just pitiful, dear. Get lost and go to hell: you just have no sense of humour, of fashion, of any intelligence”. I can’t stop laughing when I read it now: a mix of polish style with coarseness, and a fashionista’s point of view. I know this is ridiculous. For once, I did not feel proud of anything at all!

At first I was about to report this event to LindenLab; then I decided to contain my anger: I put on this famous, wild and incredibly vulgar song of Peaches (I love them), and decided to use my rage to create an outfit! And this is the reason of this post.

This was easy: A short time ago LeLutka, Aoharu, and ANEXX released some creations which (all mixed together) perfectly meet my vengeance’s impulses. I equiped myself with lots of accessories, like a dress from the Doctress Q outfit (by Bare Rose) which includes  useful sharp “tools”, piercings from Deviant Kitties, dangerous gloves by Gear Shift, my Spike earrings (yes I know I already blogged about them) and even boxing gloves at any case…

Believe it or not, making this outfit helped me to get my calm back. My mind was peaceful again. Yes, no need to fight or to be violent against violence: FASHION FOR REVENGE!

– Seth hair in natural black by MADdesigns

– Vixen II skin by Curio

– Mini top #1 by Emery

– Black short riders jacket by Aoharu

– Black Rockin’ pants & belt by LeLutka

– Transparent skirt from the Doctress Q outfit by Bare Rose

– Black Five belts boots by ANEXX

– Shadow Godfists by Gear Shift

– The Line piercing set by Deviant Kitties

– Left Spike earring by Paper Couture

– Noir Désir, Sacré Coeur necklace by LaGyo

– Evillast gloves and hat by HaT MechaNic

– Poses: “Raw7” by Reel Expression (first pic), “kung fu or whatever” by Sunflower poses (third pic), “MaitreyaFModel 07-15-16” by Maitreya (second and last pics), “Female standing No.2” by MissiM (fourth pic)

Pictures taken at The Block.


16 Responses to “Fashion for Revenge!”

  1. Nyx Divine said

    Well the way in which you decided to confront the bully in question was great.

    ‘Bastard’…If your parents were unmarried at the time of your birth I guess you are a bastard. But I suspect that this individual was not aware of your parentage

    ‘Cunt’…Is a very subjective term so I suspect your bully was attempting to ‘push a button’

    ‘Nigger’…Um gee OK. Score one for ‘Ignorant Fools’ everywhere for that well placed and highly intelligent insult…….NOT!

  2. Yurik D. said

    I agree. I have to deal with this agression every day at the sandbox I work for. It is really mind blowing (and not at the same time) things people say because they are cloaked by the internet. From saying a person will get cancer for disagreeing with them to sexist comments they do no think is harmful. Because some people don’t think people should care about a person’s feelings online(they are human as everyone on SL), doesn’t make it right to say those negative comments without thinking anyone has the right to feel an emotion.

    P.S. I really love your outfit. The hair makes the look so edgy. :3

    • It seems you already met some stupid spirits in your second life too Yurik!… The best to do is to connect immediately with our RL environment when something like this happens, to keep a distance between us and the sl words we can hear…
      By the way, you should definitely get this hair! Punk is not dead! and in Sl is the place to dare some haircuts we would not even try in rl ;)

  3. Mo Miasma said

    Rhelle, wow good to know and no name mention, my hat down to u. Lovely fiercy fashion setup, thats what made me to comment this, all the rest is worth to forget yesterday

  4. yes its amazing what ppl will say. We’re used to it more in RL perhaps, but its just the same in SL.
    For the most part just a way to demonstrate their insecurities – but even knowing that, it hurts just the same

  5. GM said

    Ignorance, mixed with anonymity and a not surprising lack of creativity. Probably good to not give him any publicity – he’d most likely thrive on the negative attention. You’re wise to kick the dust off your feet and move on <3

  6. […] my last post which exuded hate and anger, I truly needed something shallow and funny. “You should be dancing” told me Cayden. Happily he […]

  7. inocent like a baby when I arrived in SL in 2007, I soon learned the lesson, that this place encloses the grosses characters as well as some beautifull beeings and a lot of sheeps. While in RL certain social bounderies and legal terms prevent people showing the worst sides of themselfes, obviously the anonymity of an avatarmasks inspires many to let it all out: stupidity, greed,envy, hatred and the worst taste I ever could imagine. Of caurse the good old habbit of tolarance agains other peoples oppinion and some other “unneccessary old fashiond stuff” like manners and a minimum of culture, are inoperative here too. What can I say? they are speaking of themsels, not about you! And its a shame they hate themselves so much. They dont know you.
    btw. I am a big Peaches fan! :)

  8. best revenge song ever! you will allways feel better with this

  9. Lolita Nomura said

    So I totally agree with this blog post, it’s amazing how people use the internet cloak to show their worst side. I’m polish too though, and am not happy that you only got to know the bad part of our nation that got you to use “polish style” next to coarseness. The style you speak of only applies to the lower layers of the society and it is a little unfair to simply call it polish… This style could be found in just about any nationality. For the record I am not insulted, I’m just trying to speak my mind :)

  10. To Sevenstar, I definitely agree with you 200% ! And I’m gonna listen to this link asap <3

    To Lolita : I think you misunderstood my words: when I speak of a "polish style" I mean a polite way to talk… I think the adjective "polish" can be used about good manners too, at least in my old French-English dictionary. Or maybe my English is definitely too bad ! ;) Anyway, I hope you feel relieved then: you will never hear a racist word in my mouth or any negative judgment against an entire nation! There was and there is nothing dealing with people from Poland in this post! Moreover it seems so clear to my eyes that it would have been illogical to insult the Polish people in its entirety just after I had written that I had been racially insulted…I'm quite sad to imagine some other readers could have understood a wrong meaning. Sorry for that.

  11. @Lolita, as I said to you yesterday, every clichee exists because there is a truth in it too..:D I hear a lot of unflattering stuff about my people too, and I must say, its quite true, they did a lot to create this picture, it makes me laugh about it though. Yet I am an individual and I dont identify with groups or nations that much. And if we try to be 1000% politically correct, then we get nowhere because every second sentence could be a trap. And I hate in how in public chat places peope wait to see someone using a not so correct term to attack like a herd of bloodthirsty werewolfs. Just because of their minority complex, wrong indentification, bad will or plain hypocracy. Freedom of speech includes the ironical use of well know phrases and clichees too, to characterize something. Yet it demands a selfconfident and relaxed listener on the other side. So yay for the use of clichees from my side! I will carry on doing it and watching how people react. I dont think that Vyk has a bad oppinion about the grand culturnation of Poland in general. Its just a term and its limeted to a certain case. And again, that clichee exists, I know! I saw it yesterday on the city train.Blame the people who are a living proof this clichee instead.

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