Plaid Play

December 8, 2009

Dear reading dolls,

Last Thursday I went to one of my favourite Parisian theatre to see “A Doll’s House”… I’m sorry to disappoint you; this has nothing to deal with this stupid American serial starring some of the best bad actresses of the world and called “Dollhouse”. I’m talking about the Ibsen’s play which narrates how Nora (the main character) slowly understands she has always been dependant and prisoner of a role her father, then her husband had given to her: She has always been treated as “a doll”, she has been  living in a fantasy, an unconscious lie. When she realizes her husband is not the lover she thought he was she eventually decides to leave him to search and find out her real goals, and her own answers to the questions of Life. The mise en scène was too classic to my taste, but the actors were perfect, and it was delightful to hear again the Ibsen’s text that I truly love… When I came back in SL after this play, I just needed to cuddle up on my comfy sofa reading a virtual book (which means trying to organise my inventory’s hundreds of items: I’m starting to drown in this mess!).

But I was annoyed by one of my French contacts. You know, the kind of guy who always tells you he feels you’re too secret, you don’t really like him, you try to avoid him; the kind of guy who swears he doesn’t look for virtual sex or for any girl he could date in RL, but who often regrets not to know you enough… Yes the guy who tries to frighten you pretending he’s gonna “mute” you one day or another (because your relationship is great but not deep enough RL speaking), but who has never dared to put your name in his “Ignore list”… The kind of guy who suddenly was too boring to listen to, especially after a nice evening and a great play.

I don’t remember how I wished him “good luck”, “good life”, and “I just want to get rid of you” but I coldly entered his name in MY Ignore List. End of the story. This was my last trick as would sing Anja Garbarek. I felt relieved, free like Nora. This was not the first time I had been bored by this guy, but I had always succeeded in alternating a polite and understanding behaviour, with a more harsh one. This is what we call (in French) the technique of the “douche écossaise” (“Scottish shower“). The adjective “écossais” in this meaning, must be translated indeed by “Scottish”, but it could also be translated (in other meanings) by “tartan” or “plaid”.

And here rang my fashionista’s bell: after this “douche écossaise” and this Doll’s House, I was going to mix and match lots of bargains from my last Linden Fridays (plus some more expensive items I confess), and especially the plaid jacket by Milk Motion. Then after my plaid play, I would take snapshots at Scribble sim where I had located some “mannequins” behind a window, looking like…dolls…

–  Ghost ink hair by !lamb

– Jade (dark) skin, makeup #6 by LeLutka

– Peter Pan Blouse in aubergine by This is a Fawn (50 Linden Friday)

– Andrea green diagonal line top by Nicky Ree

– My blazer *plaid* by Milk Motion (50 Linden Friday)

– PAINE mini (black) by LeLutka

– Footless tartan tights (red) by *Kookie*

– Black prim socks (where did I bought them? It was ages ago!)

– Deep red shuffle flats by Ty Zvezda (50 Linden Friday)

– Red Geisha leather belt by Fishy Strawberry

– Red ruffle purse (modified bow) by Très Blah (50 Linden Friday)

– Dark chic knuckle by LaGyo

– Cherry small bow headband by ~Scribble~

Poses: Spice-back to the wall by Long Awkward Pose (first pic), female standinf No.3 by MissiM (second and 4th pics), F Blogger 1-Fist from the “I <3 Bloggers ” pose set by Long Awkward pose (third pic).


7 Responses to “Plaid Play”

  1. Vega Arida said

    ohh cute!! love the accesorys of this look mix so well with the rest of the outfit !:P

  2. i enjoyed so much reading the intro that your styling is really the “pois sur l’i” as we say in german :))

  3. Stunning style and I loved how you wove the story into the theme. More, more, more :-)))

  4. Thank you Vega! From someone so tasteful it’s a pleasure to hear… I mean read ;)

    > Cayce, we definitely have too many things in common : it’s scarry! <3

    >>Angellina, in french I think we would say "la cerise sur le gâteau" I'm glad you appreciated!:)

    >>> Chalice, to tell the truth I was thinking to stop writing so long posts and focus on the styling when I started this one, but your comment makes me think maybe I should continue like this, ty :)

  5. a creative mind draws inspiration from every situation, the weirder, the better…lol, I deffinatelly count in Chalice here too :D
    I know the “douche écossaise” too well, but I tend to shorten the process a bit. I learned a lot from my handsome brother who used to interrupt boring and annoying dates with the words “It was great beeing here with you, but now I urgently need to go home to read the video text”

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