BIG is Beautiful!

November 15, 2009

BIG is Beautiful

Dear skinny, obese, thin, fat, small, tall, medium unidentified-reading-objects, please listen to this song and read this post…

Weeks ago as I was eating my breakfast (one diet cup of tea, one diet orange, one diet-nature-yogurt and one diet-mini-bowl of diet-organic-cereals with some drops of low-fat organic soya milk… yes my life is very exciting) and reading some news, some lines caught my attention: “Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t like fat women”.

Was I fooled by my eyes still paralysed by my last Botox injection? I’m afraid my vision was perfect. And here is a short summary of what I read : According to Karl (interviewed by the german magazine Focus), “nobody wants to see plump girls in fashion (…) There are fat old maids sitting in front of the television with their crisps’ pack saying that thin models are hideous. (…) The world of Haute Couture is a world of dream and illusion and must remain like this.”

Wow! I had a terrible headache trying to understand what the f*** had happened to Karl!

Maybe these words were the last provocation of a famous icon of Fashion to be talked about in the actual war’s cacophony against skinny models in fashion shows, adverts and magazines. Whatever your real shape is, you must have heard about this polemic about the actual models and the example they give to teenagers and young women thinking the today canons of beauty flirt with anorexia.

This position which sounded cleaver at first becomes an hypocritical “politically correct” thought, and maybe Karl Lagerfeld, as a refreshing trouble-maker, wanted people to think in a less dichotomous way. I’m not sure… As lots of fashionistas, my brain is too small to go so far…


Maybe his words were only the expression of an ex-obese who can’t accept to look in the mirror and see what he used to be before becoming a kind of skinny-decrepit-living concept. You know, it’s like me: before I used to smoke one pack of slim Vogues a day, and since I’ve stopped smoking I can’t stand smokers in a more violent way than non-smokers themselves!

Or maybe Karl is the most pragmatic designer in the world, and just tried to explain that ultra-thin models are so flat that they are the best tools to show a Haute Couture collection. It’s true that watching his last Chanel show during the fashion week in Paris, you could sometimes imagine clothings were shown on living coat-hangers.

Anyway. No matter which reason he had to express himself, his point of view is completely stupid and discriminatory.

I’m not into this revolution against thin models. In France we already had our big Revolution in 1789, so thanks but non merci. Some girls have nothing but skin and bones but are sublime, some big girls are gorgeous, some thin models look like you could eat chinese food with their legs, some fat girls are indeed depressed in front of television. No rules! No labels! It’s a matter of self-confidence: learn to love you and show your inner beauty! Rise and shine!

Okay, enough! I sound like Jim Carrey in The Yes Man and I’m not fond of him (except his performance in Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind ) neither of the comparison with a man.

Plein pied

As a reaction to Karl Lagerfeld sentences, I decided to create a big shape for my avatar if some people still had to be convinced that big girls can be fashionable and can model. Of course, for my outfit (which is detailed at the end of this post), I could not resist to wear the head piece from “Chapeau Très Mignon” called “Lagerfeld” (I kiss you Karl ;) but not your ass of course).

Walking in the SL streets in this shape, I felt a kind of pride, and not only a posh one. I’m not used to these curves, both RL and SL, but for the first time in this virtual existence, I really felt special, different, AND still gorgeous. We’re all walking around in our perfect skinny shapes, with huge breast, invisible waist, lovely hips, flat ass, perfect soft skins (excluding feet and some skins of designers I won’t reveal… for now). We’re all so far from life in SL and at the same time in a large majority we adopt the codes and the criteria of beauty of RL magazines and advertisings… different worlds, different lives, same stupid unreachable pictures of ideal…

I confess once my outfit made and my pics taken, I jumped back in my skinny shape (despite I’m a true fan of Beth Ditto ), but maybe some of you will be smarter than me after this post.

Portrait– Lagerfeld headband :p by Chapeau Très Mignon

– Madeline hair by Dernier Cri

– Vixen II skin by Curio

– Allyn shirt in misty grey by Malt

– Navy Austere Corset by Kyoot

– Another vintage jacket in black by SMS

– Vintage basic skirt in midnight by Ingenue

– Side net from the “Begin the Beguine” outfit by Ingenue or instead (as another option) the Spiked belt by Red Queen Designs

– Aufiori chambre cheer stockings by Intimizzio

– Black anklets by Maitreya

– Black ankle boots round by J’s

– Be careful silver ring by LaGyo

– Yara silver necklace by LaGyo

– Light silver nails by Gracile

– Silver vintage clutch by Glow Studio


2 Responses to “BIG is Beautiful!”

  1. Jalestra Calamari contacted me in SL about this post. She sent me a notecard with something she had read on the web. As I told her, I give you here the link to this article.
    Maybe after my post, that some may have find too shallow for a topic I’ve never suffered from, it could be good to hear from real victims of this discrimination:

  2. sweetsmiling merlin said

    you write with such eloquence and dress with such elegance(oh that rhymed lol) plz keep up the fab work xx

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