Mimikri makes me cry…

October 26, 2009

Mimikri makes me cry

Dear known or soon to be fashionista (or fashionist),

I was walking with a rl friend who sometimes meets me in sl for the simple pleasure to wear stilettos. In rl she’s indeed this kind of gorgeous creature, measuring 1,86m (six feets), wearing zero size, looking like a mix of Chanel Iman, Lara Stone and Tao Okamoto,  and always walking with flatshoes, pretending that with high heels she’d feel like a weird giant monster… Poor thing… You know, this kind of friend you always want to slap because you have never seen a monster -even a giant one- looking like a Vogue cover… Nevertheless if I was so tall I’d wear breathtaking heels and look at the world from above. Anyway…

We were gossiping at the Glamour expo just before it ends, yawning our pretty heads off, when she suddenly asserted : “You definitely can’t wear this without looking like a slut!”… We were in front of Mimikri, I firstly thought she was delirious, then thinking of all the Mimikri items of my inventory I realised I had always been thinking the same. But my point of view is more contrasted : Mimikri Kit’s creations compel me to confront my  personal fashion issues : I’m a fashionable borderline, and I’ve been developing a sadomasochistic relationship with some fashion designers (remember my post about Paper Couture)  and Mimikri Kit  is not an exception to this rule. Read the rest of this entry »


Bye Bye Bettie !…

January 3, 2009


Dear posh readers,

It was impossible for me to start a new year without mentioning an icon who died at the end of last december. I was surprised not to read any post about her in the past few weeks… Well as usual I’m a liar : I’ve read maybe two or three mentions of this huge personality in Ingenue’s blog for instance.


Anyway, as a fashionista, a bit trashy, loving fifties graphics, contemporary art, vintage, New York 70’s, underground theater, I want to pay a tribute to the amazing Bettie Page died on the eleventh of december now 2008. Read the rest of this entry »