Interview with a Vampire

November 7, 2009

Interview with a VampireHere’s the perfect song for your reading…

Dear brave readers,

I was looking for a subject in my brain’s depths, and all I could hear inside my jellied mind was the echo of an abyss. When some weeks ago, as I was shopping at Atelier AM for my Mimikri post, I received a weird IM : “May I ?… I need blood, may I bite you?” What the hell was that?! A voice from hell precisely: a vampire called Eloindir.

My first reaction was to laugh, a bit too nervously maybe: I have never been into role playing games or other obscure existences in SL, except if you consider with a sure sharpness that the SL fashion world and the relationships between SL models themselves or agencies are nightmarish role playing games. But this Eloindir was so polite, asking for my precious fluid of life when he could just have gone for my throat like a wild creature, drained my veins, and made a wonderful necklace with some drops of my frozen blood… Yes he was such a gentleman that I decided to accept.

Well… I must say I did not feel anything special, while I had imagined something sultry like a scene from the Coppola’s Dracula. My kiss of Death was… short… very short. But as I would say to my rl lovers : “Length (double meaning) doesn’t matter”. The experience was new enough to be satisfying. Except I needed something in return. Come on! Now he had my non-expired blood running through his virtual dead body! I’m a shopaholic : you give money you get a dress, you give your blood, what can you get?… And here rang the bell! Halloween was at the end of the month (okay, now it’s over, but this is my usual french delay), I was looking for a post to succeed the one I was going to write about Mimikri: The next one would be something about vampires’ fashion.

Death's dance

Eoindir immediately accepted to be my male partner in fashion crime.

As I’m unused to SL male fashion, I read many blogs, and some will be adeed to Posh Pride’s blogroll as great sources of inspiration. I really wanted to avoid the pitfall of RP outfits because my vampire could not be dressed for a Halloween masked bal except if you turn “trick or treat” into “chic or thread”!

After a short glance to the Thierry Mugler’s male “défilé automne –hiver 2010” which was all in one theatrical, glamourous, and possible to wear (that’s the more important point!) I had the look of Eloindir in mind: A good balance between retro tendencies to remember the classic (has been?) image of vampires, and something looking more modern. My vampire could be a glam rockstar of nowadays playing outrageously with outdated and trendy codes. First, a jacket from a famous male store, but in red as a “clin d’oeil” for Mugler and cliched vampire’s stuff. Then, unusual pants (from a great crazy male designer, Cheerno Destiny) which evoke the 16th European century (with the puffy legs), the 40’s (with the length under the knee), the 80’s (with their provocative humour) and a modern  audacity. Next, very old-fashioned shirt and tie, but totally trendy boots from Anexx.

Elindir & the tree

For me it was of course easier: I had already my vision of the contemporary “ideal victim” look: in most folklores, the victim is the innocent young lady or the woman of easy virtue. Between the pure and the whore, I chose the first (contrary to all expectations). I imagined a very shy but totally fashionable student. A girl always dressed in B&W, intern in a local newspaper, and spending days and nights at the library. I wanted of course a white romantic dress for the idea of purity and innocence but I chose the “Dirty snow” outfit by Triangle Caudron and mixed it with my crow top from Milk Motion not to look too “well-behaved” and “smooth”. I added a black blazer and several items from the last Designers United event (which was a SL success) to highlight both her serious mind and her hidden knowledge of trends (I’m sure she has all the Elle magazines under her bed).

The Ideal Victim

For my own vampire outfit, I just had to find the items which would fit the shape I had imagined for Eloindir : red tons on top, black and a bit puffy at hips’level…Here again, I did not want to loose my fashion mind in an outfit which would remember Halloween and not “Hell is In”. That’s why I avoided every places specialized in RP fashion, and only shopped in my usual stores, or used some of my closet’s items. More than being exactly the shape I was looking for, the “Night Love” jacket (from Leezu Baxter) had already the perfect name for my post’s subject, and the LeLutka skirt from the “Theo dress” was the good answer to the CheerNo pants of Eloindir. I authorized myself some gothic accessories (but always fashionable) wearing my succubus pumps from 69 (with their batwings and skulls details) and the “noir desire black widow” headpiece from La Gyo.


My interview with a vampire was over, and my neck a bit painful, but it had worth the trip. Because sometimes, fashion’s inspiration is hidden behind bushes we had not dared to approach…

I’ll end this post with some “messages personnels”:

For Eloindir: Thank you dear for having been such a patient model and friend in our crazy shopping’s and photoshooting’s sessions. I know you’ll bite me again if I don’t say that you’re not a simple vampire, but an elf-vampire. This will explain the size of the ears. However I invite you to watch the “Nosferatu” of Murnau: the vampire have an interesting pair of ears as well and is far to be an elf :p… Just  kidding Elo. Thanks again.

For Cayce: I discovered you had created a new blog. I wish you luck and lot’s of readers, and add it to Posh pride blogroll.

First outfit: Victime Idéale


Hair: *10 in sesame by Barberyumyum

Skin: Vixen II-Natural4 in bean by Curio

Undershirt: Top 1 from the Dirty Snow outfit by Triangle

Top: My crow tank by Milk Motion (Designers United)

Jacket: black blazer by Madsy

Skirt: skirt from the Dirty Snow outfit by Triangle

Socks: knee socks by LicoLico

Shoes: Crow feather jellies by !BF! (Designers United)

Hair bow: My feather hair bow by Milk Motion (Designers United)

Eyelashes: Thira lashes by LeLutka

Glasses: Fifty glasses by PrimOptic

Necklace: My pearl & feather necklace –part1- by Milk Motion (Designers United)

Gloves: Revers a lacet in white by Draconic Kiss

Ring: gold crow ring by Glow Studio (Designers United)

Belt: knit belt in black by Pixeldolls

Bag: Focsani bag in lare by Armidi Gisaci


Second outfit: Vampire Dandy

Eloindir close up

Top: Travelers shirt in black by Arcavim

Jacket: Fish jacket in dark pink by Meriken Co

Pants: Jador pants from the Jador outfit (Madame collection) by CheerNo

Leggings: long black leggings by Amerie

Shoes: leather riders boots in black by Anexx


Third outfit: The Vampiric Vamp

Vamp' Ira

Hair: Bianca in licorice by Frangipani designs

Skin: Vixen II-24K 2 in bean by Curio

Top: casual knit shirt (black sparkle) by Naughty Design

Jacket: Night Love jacket in red by LeeZu!

Skirt: skirt from the Theo dress (funeral) by Lelutka

Tights: tintable tights (heavy knit) by Veschi

Shoes: Succubus pumps in black by Sixty-Nine

Headpiece: Noir Desir Black Widow by LaGyo

Eyes: perfect iris red by booN

Eyelashes: Spider eyelashes by Detour

Earrings: Spike earrings by Paper Couture

Nails: Satin-Arsenic by Detour

Ring: Rose Lace gloves in red by G Field

Pictures taken in the Bentham Forest and in the library of Drowsy.

Interview with a Vampire 2


5 Responses to “Interview with a Vampire”

  1. I think we need to talk! :P

    Great, great post as always, perfect soundtrack and awesome pictures. You rock <3

  2. elka said

    WOW!!!!! Thank you for using my shoes in this amazing post! The pictures are very fashiony, very good, yay!! If you have a Flickr account, I’d be much delighted and proud if you put these in my Wearing !BF! group :3 Thank you so much again!! <3

  3. Barbara Nicholls said

    Great blog and nice use of the [LeeZu!] Nightlove jacket. :)

  4. Thank you Cayce, I can’t wait for a new post both together;)
    Thanks elka: done with the filckr thing;)
    Hello Barbara, so good to hear from you! Thanks for your comment. I tried to show this jacket in a good way indeed :)

  5. […] piercings from Deviant Kitties, dangerous gloves by Gear Shift, my Spike earrings (yes I know I already blogged about them) and even boxing gloves at any […]

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