Mimikri makes me cry…

October 26, 2009

Mimikri makes me cry

Dear known or soon to be fashionista (or fashionist),

I was walking with a rl friend who sometimes meets me in sl for the simple pleasure to wear stilettos. In rl she’s indeed this kind of gorgeous creature, measuring 1,86m (six feets), wearing zero size, looking like a mix of Chanel Iman, Lara Stone and Tao Okamoto,  and always walking with flatshoes, pretending that with high heels she’d feel like a weird giant monster… Poor thing… You know, this kind of friend you always want to slap because you have never seen a monster -even a giant one- looking like a Vogue cover… Nevertheless if I was so tall I’d wear breathtaking heels and look at the world from above. Anyway…

We were gossiping at the Glamour expo just before it ends, yawning our pretty heads off, when she suddenly asserted : “You definitely can’t wear this without looking like a slut!”… We were in front of Mimikri, I firstly thought she was delirious, then thinking of all the Mimikri items of my inventory I realised I had always been thinking the same. But my point of view is more contrasted : Mimikri Kit’s creations compel me to confront my  personal fashion issues : I’m a fashionable borderline, and I’ve been developing a sadomasochistic relationship with some fashion designers (remember my post about Paper Couture)  and Mimikri Kit  is not an exception to this rule.

Since my first purchase in… I’ve forgotten (I have no age, time has no hold on me)… Since my first purchase, as I was saying, I’ve been a faithful customer of this label BUT I’ve never been able to determine the general style of the brand, the “basics”. The most detailed and realistic designs in sl fashion mix with some fabrics you wouldn’t find even in the cheapest bargain counter. Some outfits will give you a good taste lesson, when by wearing some others you’ll take the risk to be asked your price for a night (or less!). … Between the glamour chic and the vulgar shock, there’s just one step Mimikri can easily take forward and backward.

Mimikri makes me cryyyyyyyyy

But let’s talk clothes with some releases of last months… My first question mark goes to the famous “On Stage” outfit… I can already see your eyes glittering, but don’t be too excited. This deals more with Britney Spears forgetting to wear her panties than with a great actress running for an award. The material – a beaded leather- is as often amazing, and remember me the great quality of other Mimikri’s jackets. But if you’re in the mood to look like a lap dancer in sl streets, it’s up to you. The zip in front of the hot pants which are nothing more than knickers, are almost a joke and a provocation against years of feminist struggles: Don’t spread your legs, just unzip your mini-pants!  Those of bad faith could always say the zipper is the symbol of a mouth with sharp teeth, and that these pants are more a trap for penis than a ready to fuck accessory… I’ll stay sceptical… Never forget women are no sex toys! The jacket could be a masterpiece with its theatrical collar and its plunging low neckline. But made heavy with all these pearls and golden-rococo flourishes, it eventually looks like some bad piece of Dior. Yes, “On Stage” could easily be worn by Beyonce Knowles, which is not the best parallel  because despite she was dressed by Galliano for her last show, remember he’s the one who invented the concept of  “Porno Chic” in fashion. And in “Porno Chic” there’s not only the word Chic…

I’ll be shorter about the “Mieze” collection. I mean a leopard-fur-short-jacket is a risky choice. Virtual furs don’t kill animals and are totally fashionable, that’s right.  In natural leopard ton or in grey (a grey leopard fur looks classy and less “new bourgeois”), this jacket is an achievement and its short shape adds a modern and young aspect to a material (the fur) which often looks too classic. But why are they released in pink, orange, purple, turquoise?! This is how an almost article of value becomes a loss in value. Yeah I know in Haute Couture you can easily find coloured furs in crazy tons but this is Haute Couture, when Mimikri claims itself “hot couture”… I’ll use my joker for the Mieze sweaters, dresses, and leggings, because I have not found the opportunity yet to dress myself as a fashionable homeless… And if you mix them with the Ilvi sweaters, you’re ready to go back to Middle Age…

So if you’re still reading, you must hate me, and ask yourself why do I still shop at Mimikri?… Well, the answer is simple : because when she does not mistake “sassy and sexy” for “bitchy”, or “original” for “carnival” Mimikri is an inevitable fashion address in SL.

Let’s face it, the Ilvi dress is a treat for the eyes and for our closet. Mixing the romantic shape of a baby dress made of flounces and broad nets with the raw and genuine aspect of leather is a true discovery for the modern princesses we are. This dress is perfect for those who wants to express both their girlie’s nostalgia and their rock and roll attitude.

Mimikri makes me cry......

The Glitz dress presents versatile aspects: its shift shape makes it classy and a bit strict but its length “au-dessus du genou” and its “bustier” are definitely sexy. The geometric designs of the fabric and the way these lines are coloured and combined gives a futuristic and abstract touch to the ensemble. Wearing this, I feel like a sexy android ready to cause earthquakes under my metallic stilettos.

Mimikri makes me cry.....

The new Fritzi outfit looks like delightful candies: the embroidered corduroy skirt is soft and warm, and the blouse light and delicate: the ensemble seems so cute! But too cute to be true! The skirt is very short, and the blouse semi-transparent! A perfect outfit for those like me who don’t want to be too easily labelled. I love to mix its items with others more incongruous to reveal the Audrey Hepburn under cocaine or the housewife fallen in the darkside who both doze in a corner of my brain…

Mimikri makes me cry........

Yes, Mimikri definitely makes me cry: with anger from time to time, with joy the more often!

Mimikri makes me cry.............

First outfit : the Pop-rock Princess

Mimikri makes me cry.Hair: 16 in black by Barberyumyum

Skin: Vixen II-Majesty 1 in bean by Curio

Top: top 1 from the Dirty Snow outfit by Triangle

Dress: Ylvi dress in copper rose by Mimikri

Jacket: short jean jacket in black by Aoharu

Gloves: full fingers gloves in black by DoMoCo

Leggings: leggings from the White Blood outfit by Triangle

Shoes: girl’s biker boots in black by Redgrave

Earrings: skull rhinestone by Creamshop

Necklace: cock? swan? In gold by Creamshop

Bracelet: Claris pearl and diamond in gold by Muse

Bag: the Madeleine bag in noir by Paper Couture


Second outfit: The Glam Amy Winehouse

Mimikri makes me cry...Hair: Marion in greystone by Exile

Skin: Vixen II-Pure 3 in bean by Curio

Dress: Glitz red dress by Mimikri

Jacket: traditional moto jacket in red by Muism

Stockings: Puji’s kneehighs in black by Corduroy

Shoes: silver stud pump in grey by Stiletto Moody + anklets in red2 by Maitreya

Earrings: rose and thorns earrings by Shiny Things

Necklace: black pearl necklace by Paper Couture

Ring: black sapphire oversize by Redgrave

Nails: scandalous nails by Nevermore

Cigarette: shhhh… It’s very bad to smoke ;)


Third outfit: Domestic Kitty

Mimikri makes me cry............Hair: 19 in black by Barberyumyum

Skin: Belle ebony healer by Vive Skin

Top: Fritzi blouse in beige by Mimikri

Jacket: Pepitka jacket in beige by SMS

Skirt: Fritzi skirt in pistachio by Mimikri

Pants: low rise pants from the Hunting Season outfit in charcoal by MG Fashion

Socks: Jane socks-flor bright in limeade by Miel

Shoes: high Oxford in olive by Tesla

Earrings: gold xoxo earrings by EMJ

Nails: light gold nails by Gracile

Bag: the Tasty bag in noir by Paper Couture


8 Responses to “Mimikri makes me cry…”

  1. Fantastic write-up of an intriguing brand in SL. Kudos. It’s extremely refreshing to see someone actually writing about the fashion instead of the usual “OMGDIDUSEEWUTIBOTTTT?” and I can’t wait to read more.

  2. HOLY…I loooooooooove this post…each word..thought..pic..outfit mix!! outstanding!!

  3. HOLY…I loooooooooove this post…each word..thought..pic..outfit mix!! outstanding!!
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

  4. I think in all brands there will be items that people like/dislike – it’s a matter of personal opinion. I also think that lots of people dress like a “slut” in SL and in their own opinion, they look beautiful and classy.

    I like that quilted jacket/zipper pants outfit a lot, but agree that when you make leopard print in pink, turquoise, it cheapens the item a little.

    I also think that Mimikri generally makes mostly classy outfits, and only a few that make you “cry”. I’m glad she has a range of designs so she appeals to everybody!

  5. Selonna, thank you! More than posh, I’m proud to read that someone could think I write about fashion! This is not always the case, but this time, as I really wanted to speak about this brand, I tried to argue a bit more than usual my point of view ;)
    Angelllina, thanks! I’m glad you liked this post :) I hope you won’t be to disappointed next time, because I’m a little bit lazy I confess, and this one was a real work (smile).
    Silver, thank you for your involved comment. I agree with you, the more often it’s a matter of personal opinion and taste, that’s why I express mine :) I think it’s important sometimes to speak about a brand with its positive AND negative aspects. Too many posts are eulogistic about designers who don’t deserve it. I try to be fair with what I see and what I feel. And don’t forget writing about a brand, even when you are not 100% convinced, is always a good advert for the designer, so…

  6. Sevenstar said

    I wonder why Mimikri herself did not write a comment here after all

  7. :) I don’t know Sevenstar… She still can…

  8. […] my jellied mind was the echo of an abyss. When some weeks ago, as I was shopping at Atelier AM for my Mimikri post, I received a weird IM : “May I ?… I need blood, may I bite you?” What the hell was […]

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