Shoulders up!

October 3, 2009

Dear… Who read this blog by the way?

You must be blind if you have not noticed a sign of our times yet. If you’re in this case but want to find out what I’m speaking about, don’t think it looks like a dead end street. No, it’s more something about the end of a circle. And the end of a circle means as a consequence a new start which is both a change and a beginning again… I know this sentence boils your brain: Fashion is complicated indeed… Let’s say after some years of “easy to wear” silhouettes even in Haute Couture, designers have decided to wink at the eighties. Believe me, you lost reader: this winter will definitely wear shoulder straps!

Good news I’d say! I’ve always been crazy of theatrical and structured styles which were too strong for the woolly, soft and casual tendencies of last seasons. After neo-hippies, let’s move on to neo-eighties: wider shoulders for a “thinner waist” effect, the illusion of a bigger height, and for sharper outfits. The time of laziness has passed and fashion becomes more dramatic again. Let’s energize our closets!

What was a weird garment some years ago is now a must have: when we see so many jackets with proud shoulder straps invading lot’s of stores since months (Milk, SMS, Muism, more recently Sweetest Goodbye…) it’s clear fashion is asking us to assume our hidden Decadence jacket from Bare Rose for instance (I know I have already blogged twice about this piece but who cares?! Let’s say I was “avant-gardiste” & ). In other words: Never say never.


To illustrate this new-old-tendency I firstly chose a Lelutka jacket with huge shoulders (a bit too much maybe?). As she has always been working with graphic patterns or geometric shapes, I secondly put on a top and trousers made by the great Triangle Caudron. Then I realized I could give to my outfit a punk spirit by adding one element of a skirt from Amerie. The improbable mix of the horizontal black and white lines of the pants and the red tartan frills and laces of the skirt creates an original destructured skirt that Jean-Paul Gaultier himself would love!

Fashion is not simply covering your shape with a flat fabric: this is a matter of movement, of volume, of character.

And to satisfy my neurotic obsession, I’ll post an extra picture of the same outfit without the skirt, but with the famous Decadence jacket instead of the Lelutka’s: “Good things come in threes” and we can’t blame Bare Rose for having anticipating the trend!

Shoulders up! 4

Hair: Voodoo in greystone by Exile

Skin: Beach-Coral in Acorn by Curio

Jacket: Lena jacket in black by Lelutka

Shirt: executive red shirt and striped tie from the executive red outfit (for men) by sf design

Top and pants: Fake pianist pants and top in kuro by Triangle

Gloves: full finger gloves in red by DoMoCo

Skirt: frills and laces from the Punk skirt red check by Amerie

Tights: tights in white from the Spider outfit by the late Cachet

Shoes: ankle boots red patent by Bax

Earring: feather (tinted in red) and shell earring by !BF!

On the last pic, the same outfit less the skirt and plus the Decadence jacket ;)


3 Responses to “Shoulders up!”

  1. uphymogul said

    I love the big shoulder era, its so couture and clean to me. I never even thought of it as thinning the waist, but that’s all more the reason to love them. Nice blog!

  2. elka said

    Wow, this is very stylish and gorgeous. I am all for the new trend as well!!!!! By the way, if you own a Flickr account, I would be very delighted if you could add these pictures to my !Wearing !BF!” group <3 Thank you :3

  3. Thanks for your comments.
    Yes Uphymogul, well worn shoulder-straps can be magical for a waist :)
    Elka, I’m sorry it took me ages to answer but I’ll try to add some pics wearing !BF! to your group. Thank you for the invitation.

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