To be (out of) or not to be

September 23, 2009

Autumn takes all except Paper Couture 3 copie

Dear I don’t know who,

One thing to learn: Never mistake « being out of fashion » for « being out of season ». You’ll understand my point of you later.

When I came back to SL some weeks ago, I was strongly determined to be a simple- normal-anonymous SL being with no boring and demanding modeling agreement, ready to stop wasting my precious time blogging or flickering or gossiping, and the more important resolved to treat myself for my unreasonable shopping addiction. My first logical move was consequently to visit the Lus’ store and… to spend linden.

Back and lost already.

How delightful! How reassuring to find Paper Couture’s fabrics and atmosphere again. In this virtual world, maybe this is the only thing I’ve really missed, after Cayce Newell of course. I was a bit surprised of what I would call the “italian turn” of their work, and maybe a sort of “calming down”, a light touch of conformity, but I don’t want to make a review of the collection right now. I mean, come on! We’re in September,  autumn is knocking at our closets’ doors and I’m talking about the spring issues.

True, but who cares?

Autumn takes all except Paper Couture 4 copie

I don’t want to be labeled by seasons! And now you understand the first lines of this post:

“Being out of season” is not “being out of fashion”. By mixing two outfits of the spring collection of PC, I propose an ensemble which fits the time: a lovely dress all fashionistas already wore thousands times, but customized by a jacket not too warm because winter is still far from us, but enough to protect your naked arms and shoulders. Lots of frills – I confess, lots of puffy and bows’effects – that’s right, but a romantic shape is necessary to keep some sweetness in the air while leaves are falling.

100% PC: Autumn blows everything away except Paper Couture.

Autumn takes all except Paper Couture copie

Hair: TOM 14 by BooN

Skin: Glow skin Tasha in Nougat by Laqroki (how original)

Dress: Braided Rosette Tunic by Paper Couture

Jacket from the outfit Carnation Jacket by Paper Couture

Earrings: Diamond bow earrings by Paper Couture

Bra: White bra from the outfit Natural Tunic in beige by Niniko

Stockings: Aufiori Chambre Sheer in white by Intimizzio

Boots: Ankle Cuties in black by Bb

(pics :


One Response to “To be (out of) or not to be”

  1. Beautiful, beautiful pictures!

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