Bye Bye Bettie !…

January 3, 2009


Dear posh readers,

It was impossible for me to start a new year without mentioning an icon who died at the end of last december. I was surprised not to read any post about her in the past few weeks… Well as usual I’m a liar : I’ve read maybe two or three mentions of this huge personality in Ingenue’s blog for instance.


Anyway, as a fashionista, a bit trashy, loving fifties graphics, contemporary art, vintage, New York 70’s, underground theater, I want to pay a tribute to the amazing Bettie Page died on the eleventh of december now 2008.

Why a post about Bettie in Posh Pride ?! Because she was controversial, famous, and disturbed rules and manners of her time, and because her life could be written or adapted to the cinema (which is the case actually)… Just like Cayce’s life and mine (in our dreams).


She of course had a terrible chilhood, but succeed in becoming an erotic myth , a trashy pinup, famous for her glamour, SM, bondage, « jungle », naked pics, and her sense of humour and self-derision.


It’s true she was a sexual object, but I’d rather say she was « refreshing » and provocative in an american society of the fifties where women were considered as housewives with no right to be desperate (smile, cook, or die !). She helped to raise the sexual revolution of the sixties. And the fact lot’s of artists from the 50’s to nowadays are inspired by her (from John Galliano to David Lynch…) ends to proove she has definitely entered the private sphere of Icons.


Of course we won’t speak here about how she eventually fell into religion thinking she had become a prophetess, and almost killed her family by enforcing husband and sons to pray in front of a Jesus picture… by « enforcing » I mean with a butcher knife ! How theatrical ! She of course experimented mental asylum but nobody’s perfect, and these are small details which make a person’s life almost incredible and rock n’ roll… despite I would not threaten someone with a butcher knife, except to offer me the last Balenciaga evening dress.


As a posh, I’m pride to show you some pictures as a tribute to Bettie Page… I thank Cayden for accepting to wear my shape and skin (I knew he loved being dressed as a woman :p) and I thank Cayce for keeping at least underwears ;)…


If you’re interesting by some of the items and want to know where we got them, just ask, and see more pictures on my flickr.

And don’t forget to express your inner Bettie…





6 Responses to “Bye Bye Bettie !…”

  1. animekritik said

    Interesting stuff, especially the butcher knife! I don’t think i have an inner bettie, though, and to find out i’d have to use that knife on myself so i guess i’ll never know..

  2. Brilliant! Next time I want to be there when you show your bewbies in the jungle style. Ok? Deal.

  3. Oh yes Vyktor : it was a pleasure to wear your shape and try you skin, especially when I realized you had quite wide hips !

  4. What a creative, unique take on this brave icon. May she rest in peace. She has inspired, obviously, legions of fans in realms she never even dreamed of. Congratulations and thank you for putting together such a unique tribute with such heart. So many remarkable details in your pics, obviously well thought out. I wonder if anyone has thought of putting a memorial in of her at Memorio (?), at least I think that’s the name of the sim for remembrances. Very well done. I linked over here from the Ebony page on Flickr. I’ll watch this space now!

  5. Animekritik, please promise you won’t try the butcher knife trick ! If you like wearing leopard panties, if you appreciate the company of women into bondage, if you enjoy true red lipstick, or even if you read the post from the beginning to the end, then you have an inner Bettie, with no doubt :)
    Cayce, don’t pretend we were not together : I made it ’cause you prayed for it ! :p <3
    Cayden, it’s true my hips are quite generous, just like me ;) Please, don’t enforce me to reveal the size of a certain part of your “small” anatomy…
    Xanna, thanks a lot for your comment. I’m glad to count you as a new reader :)

  6. Mike said

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