We bear roses

December 8, 2008


Dear readers (yes, I know there’s no more reader of this blog as there’s no more new post to read…)

The Posh Pride team is tired of fashion and vanity of SL world, but hearing about Winter Jefferson’s SOS call for Bare Rose, we decided to get out of our closets (especially mine because Cayce has not stopped to have a vibrating and hot SL “topicality”).

I have to confess I’ve always been half convinced, half disappointed by Bare Rose… Each time I bought a B@r outfit with a real enthusiasm – and you should know I hardly get enthusiastic about anything except maybe japanese food, fine algerian cakes, swiss chocolate, italian coffee, and french wine – I was inevitably disappointed after putting them on my virtual body… Always a detail, an item, a bad texture, a weird shape, a little something which did not fit, or did not give me the feeling to have a perfect product. Moreover June Dion’s creations are often strongly thematic or “dress coded” : heroic fantasy, knights of science fiction, victorian girls, gothic sluts, vampires gentry, fashionable robots, traditional oriental style etc. I can occasianally be heroic, often fashionable, and even more a slut, I can bite or sing chinese songs. But despite this, it was difficult for me to find something casually wearable.

That’s why I stayed away from Bare Rose for a while till I realized the items could be very stunning when mixed or matched. So instead of feeling frustrated by each entire outfit, I understood Bare Rose could be in fact an unlimited source of fashionable fun and creations to showcase your inner personality by assembling each one of your favourite items into a great peculiar outfit. And as the prices are very attractive (especially when some of the more expensive SL labels are far to be the more creative, because high price does not mean quality or sense of fashion!), Bare Rose is one of the  best (laggy) place for newbies, theatrical fashionistas, divas of the streets, and playboys of the trend, to fulfill their wardrobes and create their unique style mixing cheap and original items.

Yeah, Posh Pride’s roses bear Bare Rose. Definitely.

On Cayce, a good balance between a trendy Gavroche and an everyday posh. On me, something between a bohemian rhapsody and a fetichist mistress :


Cayce : skin – Jennifer in smokey1 by Redgrave, hair – sun in coffee by Maitreya, gloves – dirt riding gloves by Savvy?, scarf – !tb knitted scarf (porridge) by très Blah, jacket – Katherine brown jacket by Barerose (part of katherine outfit), pants and shirt – Donna brown pants and Donna brown shirt by Barerose (parts of Donna outfit), hat – dark hat by Barerose from Tietop Bolero outfit, boots – Billow boots in brown by Maitreya.

Vyktor : skin – Johannesbourg Umber make up 4 by MMS, hair – Ashley in jet by MMS hair, jacket – decadence jacket by Barerose (part of decadence outfit), shirt – Panthère noire shirt by barerose (part of Panthère noire outfit), gloves and pants – Absolute Black gloves and pants by Barerose (part of Absolute Black outfit), skirt – Jyorougumo Black skirt by Barerose (part of Jyoroumo outfit), boots – ankle boots red patent by BAX.


3 Responses to “We bear roses”

  1. As long as there is one model left, there will be a reader for Posh Pride…

  2. Laura,
    Thank you : You know how to talk to me …

  3. […] have already blogged twice about this piece but who cares?! Let’s say I was “avant-gardiste” https://poshpride.wordpress.com/2008/12/08/we-bear-roses/ & https://poshpride.wordpress.com/2008/03/06/first-fashion-faux-pas/ ). In other words: Never […]

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