The well dressed truth: how to be a successful model

April 24, 2008

I’ve recently read many interesting articles on how to become a good model in SL™ and, despite they’re all highlighting some important details of this job, I believe all of them miss some crucial points. 

The *Posh Pride* team is proud to fill up this shameful hole in the metaverse information, listing here all you really need to be a successful model in SL™.

1) be sure to have a background in the stripping entertainment industry

2) don’t bother about your sense of fashion and your look: pay a stilyst for a full makeover and let her/him decide your own style before your first casting

3) if you can’t afford it, go and buy a Minnu skin, buy a KMADD shape, read the fashion feed and pick up a couple of outfits everyone is blogging about – don’t even dare thinking about having a look around for unusual shops, that’s for loosers

4) you’d better be engaged with someone who is already a famous model, a famous designer, a famous-whatever in the fashion industry

5) run your own business: design clothes, furniture… or, at least, shapes! Come on, everybody can make shapes. 

6) if you really can’t do anything at all, you must be hired by a famous designer and work for him/her as a store manager or a marketing director. You can start as an instore model, maybe, but remember that cleaning the windows doesn’t count

7) a designer must admire you enough to name clothes after you

8 ) you must be a fashion blogger, a journalist, or, better, own and run your own magazine: you’ll be hired hoping to get some free publicity in exchange and you’ll likely be the last minute selected contestant in any pageant

9) always say you’re “too busy” (and consider wearing a tag that says you’re afk): photoshootings, tons of photoshootings, hours and hours of fitting before a show, and, of course, as any respectable Upper East Side Lions Club member, charity events

10) have Frolic Mills in your friend list: don’t ask for details, just smile and friend him

11) pay random visits to and leave nasty messages claiming “Tenshi, this is your usual personal vendetta!” (again, don’t ask for details, just do it)

12) forget about “sense of humour” – this overestimated feature – and get angry after reading this post. 


27 Responses to “The well dressed truth: how to be a successful model”

  1. Tenshi, this is your usual personal vendetta!

    Huh? Wrong blog? Did i miss #13 never apologize?

    Loves it! ♥

  2. Instant Fan of this Blog said

    Okay, that’s the best thing I’ve read on this feed in ages!

  3. SySy said

    LMFAO @ this post hehehe thats humor :)

  4. tiffergg said

    Damn! Now I know what I’ve been doing wrong all this time!

  5. Candyapple Moo said

    Cayce u RULEZ!

    I’ve Frolic in my friend list, but nothing happend :-P

  6. Moisie Swindlehurst said



  7. bex hathaway said

    oh dear lawd, is it really that easy???

  8. Stephanie Misfit said

    I swear that reading this did not bring particular names to mind. Honestly.

  9. Oh :( I should start using these guidelines for choosing models from now on, I’ve been doing it wrong!

  10. LOL…here come the barrage of comments!


    :O …wait, what?

  12. That got me almost peeing in my pants… ;)

    -Portia <3

  13. …because I love you, and real love is unconditional. :))

  14. Cayce Newell said

    I’m glad I made you all laugh. Well, most of you. Since I’ve heard we all live in poor rainy countries, a smile is the best gift I can give you. Greetings from sunny Italy.

    @ Dahlia: I think I forgot also #14: have a neko alt. ;)

    @ Stephanie Misfit: this perfect model doesn’t exist, yet, of course.

    @ Scarlett Niven: first comments have always been moderated here. I’m deeply sorry I couldn’t immediately approve yours, but I was sleeping.

    @ Anessa: <3

  15. Tri said

    You are so amazing in this and that!!!
    i lub you and i lub the post! lol <3

  16. Cayce Newell said

    Thanks, Tri <3 :)

  17. You forgot about sleeping your way to the top… that’s huge.

  18. […] you’re a Tenshi sock-puppet and this is one of Tenshi’s many grudges coming out. See this entry: The well dressed truth: how to be a successful model Posh Pride __________________ Shopping Cart Disco THE BEATINGS WILL […]

  19. debbiepebbles said

    OMFG this is fun to read :)

  20. Ahahaha! I think I just died wrestling my chair!!!

    <3 this post

  21. hehee! This is too much! And was sorely needed after so many here’s how you make it to the top!
    How come they didn’t teach this at modeling school?
    Cayce we <3 you :)

  22. PrettyPenny said

    I just stumbled onto this particular sl blog. I’m totally dedicated after reading this :)

  23. lauren nasu said

    i like pretty am now completely dedicated
    at first i didnt realize it was a joke though and was like wtf

  24. Clio said

    Damn… does this work the other way around also to be a successful designer?
    /me tears off all her sketches and starts a new collection… a collection of calling cards!

    [and @ your first comment, Cayce, “Since I’ve heard we all live in poor rainy countries, a smile is the best gift I can give you. Greetings from sunny Italy.”… I happen to read this so late that it started raining in Italy, too! LMAO]

  25. Cayce Newell said

    Calling Cards! It might work, Clio ;)

    [ahaha… and it keeps raining! *sobs*]

  26. Lolita Nomura said

    Oh wow, you indeed pointed it all out so well! hehe, good entertainment before hitting the sheets ;)

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