French is not dead !

April 4, 2008

Some hours, days ,years or ages ago (I don’t remember) I was in another boring fashion show, yawning while B* a « friend » of mine (we’re all supposed to be friends, right ?) and famous model of sl was speaking about her last shopping session in Glam world… How original… She only caught my attention whe she congratulated me about my new outfit and asked me : “Vyckie darling, why do you almost never wear an entire outfit ? Why are you always mixing clothes from different designers?” I was about to retort:”Use your imagination, silly model” when I realized she has none. I did not yield to my impulses then, and enforced myself to answer in a polite smile : “Because I have imagination” (which could make her understand she has none as I just said, but without directly express it : I love opened meanings). But seeing her trouble I immediately added : “and I got time to loose“. She seemed to relax again and I almost bit my tongue to keep the words “mixing clothes is the minimum a model should do” inside my mouth… remember she’s a fame of modeling and I don’t want to argue with girls unable to think.

Right after the show, I came back home and decided to write a post using an entire outfit, with no mix (for once) to prove that this “friend” was wrong. I had a business meeting the day after, so I decided to put on the Regina outfit by Savvy? : a very feminine business skirt-suit in a beautiful “bleu-roi” and white… I added simple deep blue high heels and was supposed to be ready to go and write this post but I felt uncomfortable… I needed to add some accessories, not a big mix, but at least something to make this outfit more interesting and personal.

Blue, White… Red of course ! You all know I’m a Parisienne and France needs some good advert since we have our terrible-fake bling-bling-President… I had my outfit and my theme : French is not dead !

This is not because Nicolas is the worse incarnation of intellect, honesty, and style, that you must think French people are lost… I put on my amazing red-leather boots by *Redgrave*, I encircled my delicate waist with the fat belt by CaLLie CLine in the same bright red, and I took the Frivolity bag in crimson by Paper Couture. As jewelleries, I chose sobriety with the Claris pearl earrings in silver by Muse and the Solitaire uni-silver by Earthtone… Hair ? A short pony tail with the Natasha hair in licorice by >FD Hair< for a young but classic effect. Last but not least, I covered my right shoulder with the faux fur blood fox stole by Chapeau Très Mignon : a perfect final touch to break the severe line of the business outfit with a classy and glamorous must have.

Posh, French & Proud.


6 Responses to “French is not dead !”

  1. Cayce Newell said

    I see you forgot about baguettes…

  2. vyktormaertens said

    Yeah… I thought it would have been too exotic for the average reader of these lines… By the way B*, if you read these words, you’re still my friend of course…

  3. Cayce Newell said

    The question is: will you still be hers?

  4. vyktormaertens said

    Well, I know all models hate me, so I guess the answer is yes.

  5. incolumis said

    That’s not true, we all love you!! :P

  6. O, Inco darling, you almost makes me cry… But remember my heart is made of stones (precious stones of course ;) ) <3

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