Make yourself a fashionable bunny

March 23, 2008

Easter bunny blog


Yes, it’s a shame. But, well, I couldn’t help taking part to the massive SL egg hunt, of course. I was running up and down the Insolence shop looking for the very well hidden eggs (but I have smart friends with great tips) with Triangle Caudron and Moonaco Porta, when Triangle and I received the group gift by Deviant Kitties: a pair of supercute white bunny ears. Well detailed and a bit scary (there’s a cute little skull earring on the right ear), it was immediate love for the both of us. But it was already 4 AM in the morning for me, on this little side of the real world, so after making a brief appearance at the GossipGirl party (where I met shirtless guys not so happy to accept my fashion advice – shame on them), I went to sleep for eight long, relaxing and deserved hours. 


When I woke up this morning, between a family lunch, some chocolate eggs and always too many Easter greetings, I immediately thought: I must find a way to wear those ears without looking: 

– childish

– neko 

– a drunk freebie hunter

– a tasteless Easter fan. 


That’s what I came up with: a monochrome Easter bunny outfit that you can wear without feeling silly. If you’re in the right timezone you still have time to rock your Easter outfit… but if it’s too late, well, next year think twice before going out like that.


Ears: Punkish bunny ears Easter freebie by Deviant Kitties

Hair: Cate in silver by >FD

Earrings: True love earrings by Untone

Coat: Mod peacock in white by G.L.A.M.

Gloves: Aradia gloves by Cachet

Tights: Plain tights in black by (Creamshop)

Shoes: Bloom boots in white by Maitreya



One Response to “Make yourself a fashionable bunny”

  1. Triangle Caudron said

    This is too cute, Miss Cayce! <3
    Lub! <3

    And for that shirtless guy, he was suppose to be flushed down the toilet anyway..who cares :P

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