Not your ordinary next door girl

March 22, 2008




Today, while I was laying on my couch reading and sipping a hot cup of Nespresso – what else? – I suddenly realized I’ve been wearing tees and jeans for the whole week. Despite I could have looked like the avarage next door girl, I didn’t: otherwise, I wouldn’t be here writing for *PoshPride*, right? 


Here’s my favourite outfit of the week, created starting with one of the cool t-shirts by Jumbie. It reminded me of the cool design tees you can find in those dark indie shops and that I absolutely adore. With details in brown, orange and various shades of gray, I chose to mix it with gray and orange items. First of all, the brand new Armidi Limited pants, with nice writings on the legs and loose flares. Then, I took a tour of Muism looking for a nice gray scarf, perfectly matching the whole mix and useful to complete the polo-neck tee (scarves are my RL Linus’ blanket). Last but not least, the amazing Opinelle shoes by Schmooz Shoes, unbelievably in the shade of colour I was looking for. 


So… what about a neighbour like me? ;-) 



Hair: Xaria in Ebony by ETD

Scarf: Wool scarf in gray by Muism

T-shirt: Bethy prays by Jumbie

Bangle: Brazil by /artilleri/

Pants: Modern pants in gray by Armidi Limited

Shoes: RedYellowEdge Opinelle with silver heel by Storm Schmooz




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