Trendy Granny

March 13, 2008

Dear nobody (because Fashion is all, everything, and everybody… except myself, and Cayce of course: You already understood the *Posh Pride* team IS Fashion, and not the contrary),

I don’t remember when, but I know Cayce and I wasted our precious time in a shoes’ store some days ago… I won’t write the brand of this store in this blog (you all have to make your own mistakes. We’re here to give you some tricks, not to take your hand especially after a perfect french manicure) but just know it is a short name with no “i” inside, and lot’s of good reasons to be avoided. Anyway, we were trying to keep control in front of these “enough to make you sick” shoes, accompanied by a friend of Cayce (I forgot his name), when she told me these unforgiven words in IM : “Shall I tell you he told you’re dressed like his granny? lol”… I have too much self-respect to react in a violent way… But I IMMEDIATELY knew that Cayce was expressing her own thoughts through this awful sentence pretending this was her friend’s opinion : this was just a little weak revenge after my wise judgement about her pink “dress” (as you read it in the last post)…

It doesn’t matter ! I admit I was looking like my own old grandaunt in a certain way. But when you’re as posh as I am, and proud to be, you know the spectrum of Fashion scans a wide field of trends. What you call “oldfashioned”, I call it “vintage”, and this makes all the difference between you and me, between a queen of the look, and a “try again” fellow. That’s why I decided to share some of my secrets with you, and write a post for all trendy grannies and posh young avatars who appreciate retro fashions… And the best examples of pure retro fashions in Second Life are sold in “GRANDMA!” stores : Since I’m in love with this almost unwearable brand, I created all the following outfits starting with clothes from there, then I simply enhanced them thanks to my incomparable fashion eyes… Read, look, and learn.

Here is the outfit which gave rise to Cayce’s bad comments : If all grannies dressed like this, women under thirty years should not trust their boyfriends anymore… A perfect casual outfit for your gossiping sessions with the Queen Elizabeth.

Hat :Red Pillbox Hat by Paper Couture

Hair : Symphony Twist in Midnight I by Armidi Hair

Skin : Hybrid III – Mandigo – Face 30 by Nevermore

Undershirt : undershirt from “simple onepiece” by =E.M.A=

Jacket : G-Tweed Lovely Blouson by GRANDMA!

Skirt : Ghost Are by Savvy?

Tights : Cold Street Tights by Paper Couture

Shoes : MaryGeo in gray by Shiny Things

Necklace : Knit necklace in red by Swallowtail

Nails : nails in orange by :bijou:

Looking for a retro ensemble to wear during your long sundays in your country house, waiting for your grandchildren or future grandchildren ?… This is what you need :

Hair : Edie in Dark Brown by [Aden]

Skin : Dark-Mistress by Minnu

Sweater : Ravenna Top (tomato) by Luminosity

Coat : Fur Coat – Bronze by *REDGRAVE*

Skirt : Retro-Honey by GRANDMA!

Tights : Shiny *rose* by No.9 Nylons

Shoes : Natasha Brown Boots by INSOLENCE

Earrings : Red Peacock by Microphage

Gloves : Full Finger Gloves Red by (DoMoCo)

Last but not least : the ideal vintage but fresh touch for your supermarket’s escapades before a pop bridge game with your friends (if you got some).

Hair : Sofia – Chestnut Burnt by ETD

Skin : Dark-Frost by Minnu

Dress : G-muscat-onP by GRANDMA!

Parka : Hooded Parka in Pink (without hood) by *Muism*

Tights : Yellow Tights by Paper Couture

Shoes : White-Leather Boots by *REDGRAVE*

Glasses : LadyBug (Green) by FNKY!

Earrings : Scoopie Earrings by (turnstyle)

Necklace : Party Bead-Lipskip by !Finc!

Nails : Nails Light Pink by *GRACILE*


3 Responses to “Trendy Granny”

  1. Triangle Caudron said

    Granny? Looking hawt! <3

  2. My granny doesn’t look like that! :/

  3. vyktormaertens said

    merci Triangle. Grannies can be sexy as well ! Grannies’Power ! Yeah!

    Strawberry, please ask your grandma to read this blog… Please, for fashion safety ;)…


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